Thursday, December 17, 2009


I don't like being lied to.
I don't like being deceived.
I don't like when something feels fake.
I don't like being judged.
I don't like being rejected.
I don't like being with people.
I don't like being alone.
I don't like not seeing.
I don't like looking.
I don't like noise.
I don't like silence.
I don't like metaphors.
I don't like literality.
I don't like society.
I don't like that one feeling. You know. The one where it feels bad.

Everything is conditional. Feelings are fleeting. Emotion is as useless as it is useful.
I don't like confrontation but I love to argue.
I don't like feeling stupid, but I love learning something I don't know.

I don't care what people think.
But I do.

Situational. Conditional. Dependent on, contingent on, determined by.

Or lack thereof.

Sometimes I'm nice because I have to be.
Most of the time I'm nice because I want to be.
Sometimes I'm not nice only because I'm telling the truth.
I tell the truth almost all of the time.
If I can consider leaving things out a form of lying, then yes, I lie.
I lie because I have to be nice.
I lie because I want to be nice.
And by lying I mean leaving things out.

I'm repeating myself.

I feel warm.
I always feel warm.

I need to take a walk. Alone. In the dark. Without shoes. That doesn't sound dangerous, does it?

Ok good, for a moment there I thought I was being reckless.

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